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As Always, Thanks…..Fur Nothing!

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About Us

Hello and welcome to our about us page.  Here, we the cast members of TFN Podcast will share a bit about ourselves in our own words as scribed by Volt (but these will be what each member wants me to share on their behalf)


High Voltage – yo…I’m your editor of the podcasts High Voltage, or Volt for short as people seem to like to call me now 😛  I’m lazy, but I love doing these and having fun, my philosophy is a least effort game, do the least I can get by with on editing to get them sounding decent and usable for the podcasts given I have too much I juggle on any given day, but its still, sooooo very enjoyable to do these X3 I am so super glad that we decided to start doing this podcast because I cant imagine my life without these as sad as that is to say at this point….I FREAKING LOVE THIS PODCAST <3


More folks to follow after I get some sleep and contact them XD